The roulette wheel

We will now turn to another game of chance called roulette. It was first introduced in Italy in the early 17th century under the name of birbi. For the first time in 1758, an official document states the name of this game in Canada. In the beginning, the game had up to 38 different squares. With a red zero and a double zero with the color black).

How to play blackjack?

Blackjack is surely one of the most popular table games in the world, whether in land-based casinos present all over the planet or in online casinos. This game originated in the United States in the late 17ᵉ century and under the name 21. The name comes from the black jack of this bonus, that is why it is called black jack.

The difference between all bonuses

The online casino world is constantly evolving and there are more and more players who want to play casino games right from their homes. The Internet revolution has made this possible and many platforms have emerged. To attract you, some sites promise things that may seem totally crazy. In this article we will explain what the different bonuses are, but more importantly we will educate you on what to look for before taking a welcome bonus or promotion.